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Musk Himalaya - With Real Musk

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This fragrance, also known as "Black Musk", "Musk Kasturi" or "Musk Ghazal", is an extraordinary work of art for him. The mixed musk Berezovskii, which is won by the sexual gland of musk deer and native to southern China, gives this product its special feature. Animal-catching, subtly beguiling and invigorating the senses are just a few attributes attributed to this good. The pheromone-attractants have aphrodisiac and enrich the love life. A combination of floral and fresh notes forms the basis of this fragrance and ensures a harmonious overall concept Practicality. Discreet dosing is still recommended, as Musk Himalaya radiates very potent and long-lasting. We advise against wearing this fragrance with immoral intentions.

Chinese musk deer

The Chinese musk deer, also called forest musk deer, is a dark olive brown musk deer with no noticeable stains. Runs and underside are yellowish to orange brown. Three orange stripes run down the throat from the throat to the chest. These may be faintly visible or dissolved in spots. It has a shoulder height of 50 to 60 cm, a weight of 13 to 15 kg and a stocky body. The short head bears no antlers as in all musk deers, from the pine of the males two small tusks protrude, extra long canines, out. The animals have a very dense, short coat without undercoat. The teats of the females are located between the hind legs.

The predominantly nocturnal and twilight-active animals are strictly territorial and defend their territories against foreign conspecifics. The animals feed on lichens, grasses, fruits, leaves and shoots of young trees. The males but during the rut a strong smelling, ointment-like secretion called musk from an apple-sized gland, which is located on the lower abdomen in front of the genitals.

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WaS 09/06/2020

Ausgezeichnetes Parfüm, frischer Blumenduft, der vom traditionellen Tierduft von Moschus nicht überwunden wird

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