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Musk, king of all fragrances

Musk perfume and musk in fragrance oils

As a component of perfumes, the scent of musk is said to combine an "animal" and a "radiant-sweet" fragrance. The "animal element" mediates heat in humans and thus feelings of security and sexual stimulation. The fragrance should be used sparingly and below the limit of conscious perception. Musk notes are not only used as fragrances, but are also occasionally used as flavors in food. So z. For example, candies with musk taste are available in Australia.

The natural gazelle musk

Natural gazelle musk, also called muscon, has been used as a perfume for centuries. It is an oily liquid. This secretion is obtained in nature from a gland on the belly of the musk deer.

The musk deer

Musk deer are a family of cloven-hoofed animals that are related to the hornbearers, that is, antelopes, goats and cattle. Originally it was believed that they are related to the deer: In older literature, they were often referred to as musk deer and considered the original subfamily of deer. Unlike the deer, they have a gallbladder and the female udder has only two instead of four teats. In addition to the eponymous musk gland and another tail gland, the musk deer have elongated upper canines, but lack facial glands and antlers.

The habitat of the musk deer

Musk deer live mainly in wooded and alpine bush habitats. They are found in the mountains of South Asia. In Europe, however, they are extinct. Musk animals are animals of the mountains. One species lives in the Himalayas, the others in various mountains and ridges of Korea, China, Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Mongolian Altai Mountains. The preferred altitude is 2,500 to 4,800 meters. Some species occur in lowlands around 500 meters. They hide in dense mountain forests.

Animals and plants with similar musk fragrance

The term "musk" is also attributed to glandular secretions of other animals and to plant saps that have a similar odor. Musk oxen, musk hives, muskrats, desmans and musk ducks but a similar "attractant" from. In the plants of the Juggler flower, the Abelmoschus, Olearia argophylla (Australian muskram), the fragrant muskrat, the musk mallow, the pink moschata (filled varieties) or the musk herb known.

Artificially produced musk

Muscles, the main perfume of musk, and musk, are also synthetically produced today for environmental and species protection reasons. Similar to the nature-identical flavors of food can be avoided by nature identical fragrance mixtures disadvantages of non-natural substances (such as the nitroaromatic). Synthetically produced muscone is a racemate, ie consists of a 1: 1 mixture of (R) - (-) - 3-methylcyclopentadecanone and (S) - (+) - 3-methylcyclopentadecanone.

Musk in Islam - Hadith

Abu Huraira reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: "There is no wounded whose wound was caused by the way of Allah, who will not bleed on the Day of Resurrection. The color is the blood color, but the smell is the musk scent. "[Sahih al-Bukhari, chapter 65 / Hadithnr. 5533]

Abu Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Prophet, Allah's blessings and salvation on him, said: "The parable of a good and a bad person in the social Get-togethers are like the musk trader and the worker at the bellows (a blacksmith): From the Musk Trader you can either get a scent sample, buy something or find a pleasant smell. But what you experience from the worker at the bellows, is that he either burns your clothes or you find him with a foul smell. " [Sahih al-Bukhari, chapter 65 / Hadithnr. 5534]

'A'isha reported: "A woman asked the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) how to execute the ghusl after the monthly rule. He then instructed them as they did the total washing should make and added, "Take a woolen box, wet it with musk and cleanse yourself with it!" She said, "How am I supposed to do the cleaning?" Then he answered, "Get clean with it!" She asked, "How?" The Prophet said, "Praise be to Allah! Purify yourself! "[Sahih Al-Bucharyy No. 0314]

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