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Saffron Premium from Persia | 5 grams

Super Negin - Red Gold from Persia

Saffron (Crocus Sativus) offer details

  • Origin: Iran
  • Certifications: ISO 3632-1; ISO 9001; ISO22000; GMP; HAAC
  • Grade: Super Negin
  • Free from additives and dyes
  • Without flavor enhancers and artificial flavors
  • lactose free, vegan, halal

You can use the precious saffron threads to season and refine dishes.

Product description

The best saffron is called "Negin" and is characterized by a particularly red colour, long saffron threads and high safranal values. For a kilo of saffron threads you need about 200,000 crocus flowers. Iran offers the best climatic conditions for growing and harvesting saffron. There saffron has been harvested for centuries.

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  • 17.49€

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