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White Amber Rose - Luxurious | 3ml - 15ml

White Amber Rose

made in Mecca,

holds the magic of the Orient, the desert, the sun and the absolute luxury in itself.

This classic is unisex and was created especially for lovers of intense oriental fragrances. It's an amazing combination of white amber and rose. It seems like these two oils are made for each other. At the top there is the soothing, beautiful, sweet and young Rose Aroma, which puts a smile on your face. White Amber is an incredibly creamy and soothing scent on the base, which has a relaxing effect.

White Amber Rose is a luxurious, fragrant ensemble that is fond of serving the self-confident and spirited clientele.

At the heart is the aphrodisiac White Amber, accompanied by the flowery freshness of the rose.

A masterpiece, that is welcome in every society.

Experience a fragrant sensation that is halal and contains no alcohol. Surround yourself with swinging and warming notes, with white flowers and sandalwood undoubtedly the power of an aromatic elixir to exercise on the body. The fragrance composition lasts a long time, is highly intense and literally radiates. A bouquet of sensual appeal that seduces the senses with its exquisite ingredients.

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Danial 24/07/2020

Sweet and flowery. The rose smell is well balanced. Warm and creamy scent.

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