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Amber Hojari Red Oman Incense | 50g - 100g

Red Oman Incense

Description of Amber Hojari Frankincense

Place of harvest: Oman, quality grade A, (reddish sting), large pieces, top quality, sustainable harvest by hand, all-natural without additives

Perfume image: The Boswellia Sacra tree from Oman has various incense colors and nuances. In addition to the greenish, the white or the amber incense, the tree also gives resins that have more of a reddish or orange shimmer. That is why this incense is called "Red Hojari". This Oman incense is a bit more balsamic than the Royal or Superior Hojari, but not as intense as the Black Hojari. A nice, gentle scent.

Classification: The offered frankincense receives the quality level 1 (A) (first quality of up to 8 levels). The quality can be seen especially in the large and healthy resin pieces of first choice. If it is a lower quality, that is explicitly declared. Our supplier states that the tree and Mother Earth are respected, the farmers are properly supported and the trees are not harvested.

Application: The incense can be smoked in the burner, or processed into fragrant oil. Frankincense is used for aromatherapy, for medical purposes or as a pure feel-good scent.

Worth knowing about Boswellia Sacra

Royal Al-Hojari Frankincense from Oman - the most expensive and purest incense in the world

This Hajori incense is the finest incense, 1st choice and highest purity. The greenish shimmering hojari incense is the most expensive frankincense in the world and the export from Oman is very limited. This frankincense is harvested wild and read by hand.

Please note that the greenish shimmer of Royal Hojari is the strongest between October and December due to the climate, and the green color also varies from year to year!

Latin name: Boswellia Sacra
Harvest Location: Dhofar Mountains in Oman
Fragrance: very clear and intense, fine lemon aroma
Color: greenish-white-transparent.
Only a small percentage of Hojari incense has this color. The coloring becomes stronger with the fine monsoon, so that the Royal Hojari can shimmer even more intense green and bluish.

Incense: Incense and other resins should be incense burned on an incense burner, so the intense scent of the Frankincense develop better and work, without smoke.

Packaging: This frankincense is shipped in an aroma-sealed paper bag.

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