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White Musk | Body Musk Jism | Royal Musk 3ml - 15ml

White Musk

Fragrance description of White Royal Musk

White Musk is a fresh, pure and aphrodisiac fragrance suitable for both men and women. This type of fragrance oil is also called Attar or Itr.

Whether at wedding or in everyday life. This scent is always well received. It is a viscous, milky fragrance oil, which is applied with chopsticks because of the consistency. A small amount is enough to perfume the body. It contains no alcohol and does not cause skin irritation. Therefore, it can be applied to any body area, even in very sensitive places. Highly recommended on skin, hair and after showering. Also to be recommended for the intimate area.

Misk al Tahara as an aphrodisiac

It is in almost every fragrance, the addictive musk. As a sub-item, it is only slightly perceptible, but in pure mono fragrances with musk its whole fascinating character comes to the fore. Why? Thrilling and animalistic! Obtained from the sexual gland of the Asian musk deer, it is an extremely rare, but fortunately forbidden treasure.

Today, the raw material is no longer produced from the animal itself, but synthetically. Nevertheless, the synthetic musk has lost none of its magic.

Since ancient China, musk has been used as a cramp-feeding panacea and against other ailments. In the Middle Ages musk was a popular drug for nerve disorders. A little later, the fragrant elixir did not miss its effect as an aphrodisiac. For the animal-like pheromone influences the love life between its bearers. It combines particularly well with the skin and radiates a feeling of warmth.

The sweet note in the musk gives the musk scents an unmistakably erotic aura. But a certain restraint when perfuming is required, otherwise the scent can easily be uncomfortable, as well as some well-intentioned musk breezes of the early eighties, which tried to exert on the opposite sex a "stunning effect". For musk scents, the motto is: "Discreet dosing!"

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Kerstin Bachmann 09/02/2022

Vom Duft her schwer zu beschreiben, aber er gehört zu meinen Favoriten. Er hält lange an und ist auch nicht zu schwer oder aufdringlich.

Muhamed Muaremovik 02/11/2020

Dieses Misk riecht sehr angenehm und intensiv.
Sehr balsamig und der Duft bleibt lang.

Anna 02/11/2020

Ich verwende diesen Duft schon sehr lange..mein absoluter Favorit.. Danke an das musk24 team

Danial 09/09/2019

Fresh and floral. Nice to apply right after shower.

Toni 12/08/2019

Sehr guter Duft. Hält lange an und riecht schön.

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