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Musk Vanilla - Misk with Vanille | 3ml - 30ml

  • Musk Vanilla - Misk with Vanille | 3ml - 30ml

Musk Vanilla

Fragrance Description of Vanilla Musk

"Musk Vanilla" is a very pleasant and dark vanilla scent with white musk. It's a straightforward scent that smells of bourbon vanilla right from the start and is undergoing a special development. A nice everyday life with which one is 'well dressed' all day long. Fits a favorite casual dress style. "Musk Vanilla" lasts six to eight hours, does not seem too intrusive yet special.

The bourbon vanilla as an essential oil

The vanilla oil - Vanilla Planifolia

The vanilla pod comes from Latin America, Madagascar, the Comoros and Reunion Island, formerly known as Bourbon. Hence the name: Bourbon vanilla. Vanilla enhances physical and mental activity, dispels dullness and makes you happy. Vanilla is probably the most well-known aroma (with cocoa or chocolate) and really everyone knows it: as a candy, pudding or ice cream.

Vanilla fragrance in perfumes

Vanilla: warm, sweet, caressing, relaxing, invigorating, soothing and stimulating. In fact, vanilla is the most widely used aroma in Germany when it comes to making the home smell better or giving a meal a better taste. Even with the ice cream, vanilla is the classic and still the best-selling variety - in front of the chocolate ice cream. Vanilla caresses our soul, it envelops us, it gives us confidence and well-being - it is truly the queen of spices. No other spice or odor elicits such abundance of memories as vanilla. Of course, this is also because all kinds of memories are created in childhood, which will later be associated with vanilla. Why remembering in conjunction with fragrances works so well, has been scientifically proven. Especially with the scents vanilla and rose that works very well. Two royal scents that are buried deep in our memory and our emotions and indelibly stuck in it. The wonderful, perfect and comprehensive scent of vanilla is due to the fact that vanilla contains more than 40 different flavors.

Vanilla in Aromatherapy

Because the vanilla can so directly affect our emotional center, it is not surprising that it is used in aromatherapy Diseases that can shake our emotional world, is used. Illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders and stress, to name only the most important. Vanilla acts directly in the brain and promotes the production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

If you can not sleep at night, Then try the following: Let yourself have a nice warm bath, add a few drops of vanilla oil and bathe with relaxing music (and maybe a few candles or tealights) for half an hour. Then dry only slightly and into the cuddly warm bed ...

Vanilla oil is normally good on the skin, but as with all essential oils, you should be careful it still does not get in the eye or get to mucous membranes.

What smells as good as the vanilla and what works so deeply into our psyche, of course, has an effect on the human libido. The ingredient vanillin, which is very similar to human pheromones, makes you want more ...

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