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Musk Camphor - Misk Perfume Oil | 3ml - 30ml

Musk Camphor

Fragrance Description for Musk Camphor

This scent enlivens the senses with both the flowery and fresh base notes of white musk, as well as with the citrus-eucalyptus and aromatic-woody note of camphor. This perfume is a non-alcoholic ensemble of the highest quality fragrances from Mecca and the Middle Kingdom.

Musk camphor is unique and will leave a distinctively appealing impression with every hug.

The Camphor Tree - History and Society


The camphor is an evergreen plant and belongs to the laurel family. The genus Cinnamomum, from which comes the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora), includes 250 to 350 species. Camphor is distilled from the wood, stumps, twigs and leaves of a camphor tree. The camphor tree is known since late antiquity (5th century) under the Greek name kaphoura (καφουρά), which goes back to Sanskrit karpura ('white') or Prakrit kappura. The Indian name in turn was created by borrowing from an Austronesian language Sumatra. Middle High German, it was also gazers.

The effect of camphor

The camphor tree has been invigorating since antiquity, awarded aphrodisiac and healing properties.

Camphor has a small positive effect on the central nervous system and kidneys, and in higher doses on the respiratory center. It is circulation-promoting and expectorant.

Camphor in Quran and Hadith

Also in the Koran the camphor finds its place in a positive context. Here are a few extracts in which the camphor is mentioned:

But the righteous drink from a cup mixed with camphor. [76: 5]

Umm `Atiyya Al-Ansaryya, may Allah be pleased with her, reported:" The Messenger of Allah, may peace be upon him, joined us (women) when his daughter died and said, "Wash them three times, five times or more with water and lotus (water) and add camphor (water) or some of it to the last wash. When you're done, let me know. " When we finished, we notified him, and he gave us his loincloth and said: "Cover her with it last." She (Umm `Atiyya) meant the loincloth of the Prophet.

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Fresh and wonderful! Very nice.

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