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Musk Cannabis with Hempoil | 3ml - 30ml

  • Musk Cannabis with Hempoil | 3ml - 30ml

Musk Cannabis - marijuana as a scent

Fragrance Description of Musk Cannabis

Marijuana Musk has been made from genuine hemp flower oil (THC-free) and high quality perfume oils from various parts of the world. The top note begins with the typical distinctive smell of ripe cannabis flowers and unfolds to the heart note in a creamy-floral duo on white musk and resonant herbaceous-woody tones of cannabis flower oil. In the final chord unfolds this exclusive perfume oil citrus-fresh, eucalyptus ajar undertones, which harmonize wonderfully in the overall concept.

This perfume oil is a one-of-a-kind and lets you sting out of the crowd.

Essential Cannabis Oil / Hemp Blossom Oil as a fragrance oil

The cannabis blossom oil used in this fragrance is THC-free and may contain traces of CBD. With this essential oil nature reveals its magic and its secrets. The golden, bright essential hemp oil combines the fragrant and soothing molecules of female hemp plants together. The product is highly concentrated and allows wide use in the food and perfume industry. In aromatherapy, the oil has a strong vibration capacity. The low-pressure steam distillation takes place with freshly harvested plants. 1000 kg of hemp yield less than 1 liter of essential oil.

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