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WIld Oudh Vietnam Incense | 6,03g

Wild Oudh 100%

Description: (Aoudh, Agarwood, Eaglewood, Gaharu, Kyara and Jinko)

Vietnam, wild grade, very thin, hand-peeled, all-natural with no additives

Fragrance image: "This noble wood has a deep and mature fragrance spectrum, contains a lot of resin / secretion and is rich and complex in the fragrance. It smells gracefully sweetish, spicy and wooden. It spreads a sense of well-being. An elegant fragrance with many nuances. Even small amounts are enough for a long lasting fragrance on the skin, in the room and on the clothes. "

Classification: Wild Quality. The elaborately hand-peeled wood has very less carrier wood.

Application: The agarwood is smoked either on charcoal or in the incense burner.

The pictures are exemplary. It is a natural product, deviations are therefore possible.

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