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Agarwood - Oudh Chips

Description: (Aoudh, Agarwood, Eaglewood, Gaharu, Kyara and Jinko)

Vietnam, grade B, 1mm thin, hand-peeled, all-natural with no additives

Fragrance image: "This noble wood has a deep and mature fragrance spectrum, contains a lot of resin / secretion and is rich and complex in the fragrance. It smells gracefully sweetish, spicy and wooden. It spreads a sense of well-being. An elegant fragrance with many nuances. Even small amounts are enough for a long lasting fragrance on the skin, in the room and on the clothes. "

Classification: Quality level B is very thin (1mm). The elaborately hand-peeled wood has only on the back of a thin layer of carrier wood, which has not responded to the transformation process, but this affects only the fragrance, not the fragrance itself. It is still much finer than some competitor products advertised with quality level A.

Application: The agarwood is smoked either on charcoal or in the incense burner.

The pictures are exemplary. It is a natural product, deviations are therefore possible.

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