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Oudh `e Misk - Woody Masculine | 3ml - 30ml

Oudh'e Misk - With real agarwood

Oudh ´e Misk fragrance description

This fragrance, also known as "Oud Musk", "Musk Agarwood" or "Black Musk", is an extraordinary work of art for him. The added oudh, which is obtained from the agarwood tree in Vietnam, gives this product its specialty.

Masculine, woody, subtly beguiling and invigorating the senses are just a few attributes, that are attributed to this good. The oudh wood is said to have aphrodisiac properties. A combination of floral and fresh notes forms the basis of this fragrance and ensures harmonious overall concept with Practicality. Subtle dosing is still advisable, since the agarwood is very potent and long-lasting radiates.

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