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ITHMID - Original 1.Quality 9gram

Ithmid 9gram (powdered) + applicator

Properties of Kuhul

purest quality / hand-milled / without additives

Ithmide is a mineral that is applied to the eyelid lines of the eyes in powdered form.

The following properties are ascribed to the Ithmid:
- Protection from "evil eye"
- improvement of eyesight
- promotion of eyelash growth
- Relief of vision problems and eye diseases
- Cleaning the eyes

The Ithmid (Kuhl, Surma, Kajal) is best applied three times to the right and twice to the left eye before going to sleep.

More about ITHMEED

In ancient Egypt, this black powder was used to emphasize the eyelid lines of the eyes. If you treat the ITHMID with heat it takes on a reddish color. Often, ground malachite is added to obtain a green cast. There are several names for this cosmetic and natural product. ITHMID, Antimony, Kajal, Kohol, Kuhl, Kuhul, Surma, Kadjal, Kohl, Eyeliner and Ihmeed are common names.

Misconceptions with antimony sulfide

ITMID is made from special galena ore (galena sulfide) and not, as the majority of Muslims believe, from antimony sulfide. The Arabic word ITHMID does not specifically refer to antimony itself, but to a broad range of ores. The lead, which is contained in the ore, is difficult to dissolve in the water and therefore does not pose a danger to humans. Should you have a lead allergy, it is still advisable to first apply the ITHMID sparingly, to see how the body responds to it.

Sayings (Hadiths) of the Prophet (SAWS) to ITHMID

Anas (RA) reports that the Prophet (SAWS) used to apply cabbage three times to his right and twice to his left eye.

Ibn 'Abbas (RA) confirms that the Prophet (SAWS) said, "The best cabbage is Ithmide because it improves eyesight and makes hair grow."

Ibn al-Qayyim (RA) said, "Cabbage protects the health of the eyes, gives strength and clarity to the eyesight, and cleanses the eyes of dirt. Incidentally, some cabbage species are also used for decorative purposes, and if it is applied before going to bed, it is even better. And Ithmid is more effective than other cabbage species.

Sheikh Ibn 'Uthyamîn (RH) was asked, "Some ophthalmologists say that cabbage is harmful to the eyes and they advise against using it. What do you say about it? "He replied," Ithmid is known to be good for the eyes. I do not know anything about other types of cabbage. In this matter, we should consult trusted doctors. And it was said of Zarqa 'al-Yamamah, who could see "three days," that when she was killed, she discovered that all the veins of her eyes contained traces of this Ithmid.

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