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Indian incense Serrata 25gr.

"Indian Frankincense"

Boswellia Serrata

Shallaki or Salai Guggal is the Boswellia species from India. The resin is yellow to orange and is very similar to the African varieties of Boswellia Carterii, although it is usually darker and more opaque. Some authors point out that this type of frankincense was favored in Old Testament times.

Latin name: Boswellia serrata
Trade name: Luban, Salai Guggal, Shallaki Place of harvest: India Fragrance: strong scent, citrus aroma
Incense: I think the resin of a tree (the "blood" of the tree) belongs, except in a ritual, not on a charcoal.

It would be better to smoke incense and other resins on an incense burner, so the intense scent of the incense may unfold and work better without any smoke. Packaging: This incense is supplied in an aroma-sealed paper bag.

  • pure frankincense from India in the 1st quality
  • Latin name: Boswellia Serrata
  • direct import, therefore a good price
  • For smoking for your well-being - Ideal for daily rituals

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