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3ml Deer Musk Oil - Musk Gazelle + Gift Box

Gazelle Musk Essential Oils - Natural Deer Musk Oil

In Premium Perfume Box

Fragrance description of gazelle musk oil

100% pure natural essential oil extracted from the sexual gland of musk deer. Musk deer: Beresovskii; Musk farm: farm in southern China, highlands; Premium quality, no additives, no thinner

Free from extra oils or alcohol. With certificate of authenticity.

The gazelle musk has a very animal-like penetrating smell. One drop is enough to drown out all other odors. It is recommended not to apply this fragrance neat, as the strong odor may be unpleasant. This musk is equipped with pheromones. Pheromones are unconsciously noticeable and stimulate the passionate interest.

Classification of Musk Ghazal

The slightly violet color and the animal-penetrating smell white for a high purity and quality. Laboratory reports, halal and certificate of authenticity are available from the supplier.

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Properties of Musk

This extract, extracted from the sexual gland of musk deer, is unrivaledly penetrating and animalistic. The pheromones are attractive to the opposite sex. Therefore, this substance is often used as an aphrodisiac.

Using Musk Perfume Oil

The gazelle musk can be applied in a very small amount. It is also suitable as a component for the production of fragrances and creams. It should be stored cool, dark and dry.

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