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Incense mixture Energetic house cleaning Georg Huber Jeomra 15gr.

"Energetic House Cleaning - Herbs and Angels in Action"

In loving manual labor

It is important to me that the raw materials come from ecological and responsible use of nature and humans and are fresh. The white sage in the mix comes from an aborigine who reaps it for me. The Sweetgrass comes from an Indian who harvests it according to ancient Indian tradition. The cedar tips come from a US plant that promotes indigenous culture, and the white copal comes from indigenous peasants from Mexico

Contents: White Sage, Cedar Tips, Sweetgrass, White Copal (Copal bianco) and Angelica Root

Quantity: 15g (equivalent to about 70ml) in paper bag with snap closure

For house cleaning, it is important for plant vases to release the energy from the plant. This is best done with the charcoal. To get the energy in the room, a warmer / sieve can be used.

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Note on quantity:
It was criticized in the reviews, that the smoke mixture rather a rehearsal and therefore too expensive. I understand that the paper bag can give this impression, but the content (15g) does not even fit in a commercial smoked glass (50ml) (see picture) Furthermore, I would like to point out that the raw materials in the mix are unique and have their price.

❤ Pure, exclusive and high-quality raw materials from wild collection or organic farming - Partly harvested by Indians

❤ Incense for energetic cleaning of house, apartment and human

❤ Recipe from the book "Energetic House Cleaning" by Georg Huber, Incense by Georg Huber

❤ Harvested in respect and respect to Mother Earth and humans and made by hand

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Mehmet 03/05/2021

Einschlafstörungen die ich ja hab.
Süßer Taumel vorm Schlaf sehr angenehm und gut. Nach 30 Jahren wieder Schläfrig sein dürfen...

(Nachbarn dauernd aufm Flur mit Gesprächen unter Mitbewohnern im 12 ParteienEFH.)

Dann die energetische Mischung probiert die Woche drauf.
Sehr betäubend...
Nimmt aber nach der Probier woche ab.. (weiter im Beitrag zu der anderen Packung)

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