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Musk Oman - Frankincense Misk | 3ml - 15ml

Musk Oman

Fragrance description of Frankincense Musk

Musk Oman has been made from high quality perfume oils from various parts of the world. The top note begins with the typical distinctive odor of White Oman Incense (Superior) and unfolds to the heart note in a creamy-floral duo of white musk and mitschwingenden herbaceous-woody tones of frankincense oil. In the final chord unfolds this exclusive perfume oil citrus-fresh, eucalyptus-inspired undertones, which harmonize wonderfully in the overall concept.

Basic information on the frankincense oil used

Perfume image:

The color of this incense can be described as silver or white. The silver incense is from the same region as the green and the amber frankincense. He is after the very rare green frankincense as the highest pleasure of incense fragrance. It smells clear and bright, lemony, lime-like and eucalyptic.

Classification Superior Frankincense:

The offered incense receives the quality level 1 (A-Superior) (first quality of up to 8 levels). The quality can be seen especially in the large and healthy resin pieces of first choice. If it is a lower quality, that is explicitly declared. Our supplier states that the tree and mother earth are respected, the farmers are properly supported and the trees are not harvested.

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Gabriel 16/09/2019

Sehr angenehmer Duft! Trage etwas von dem Öl unter den Axeln auf und vermische es dann mit etwas Körperöl oder unparfumierter Creme - besser als jedes Deo! Hält den ganzen Tag und man fühlt sich wie frisch geduscht.

Danial 09/09/2019

One of the best smell, you want to smell it all day. Very floral and fresh.

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