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Superior Hojari White Oman Incense | 50g - 100g

White Oman Incense

Description of Superior Hojari

Place of harvest: Oman, quality grade A, (silvery stitch), large pieces, top quality, sustainable harvest by hand, all-natural without additives

Fragrance image: The color of this frankincense can be described as silver or white.
The silver incense is from the same region as the green and the amber frankincense. He is after the very rare green frankincense as the highest pleasure of incense fragrance. It smells clear and bright, lemony, lime and eucalyptus.

Classification: The offered incense receives the quality level 1 (A-Superior) (first quality of up to 8 levels). The quality can be seen especially in the large and healthy resin pieces of first choice. If it is a lower quality, that is explicitly declared. Our supplier states that the tree and Mother Earth are respected, the farmers are properly supported and the trees are not harvested.

Application: The incense can be smoked in the burner, or processed into fragrant oil. Frankincense is used for aromatherapy, for medical purposes or as a pure feel-good scent.

Boswellia Sacra Frankincense

Depending on the climate and crop, this incense has colors that may be white, yellowish, amber, and also slightly greenish. The greenish superior frankincense is called "Royal Hojari". This frankincense is harvested wild and read by hand. I only import frankincense from farmers who respect nature and do not harvest too much incense.

Latin name: Boswellia Sacra
Harvest Location: Dhofar Mountains in Oman
Fragrance: very clear and intense, fine lemon aroma
Incense: Incense and other resins should be incinerated on an incense burner, so the intense scent of the incense can unfold and work better without smoke.

Packaging: This incense comes in an aroma-sealed paper bag.

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