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Disinfecting incense mixture 15 grams

"Disinfecting incense mixture"

White sage, stone pine resin, eucalyptus etc.

Before there were chemical means of disinfection, smoking was the only way to free rooms and objects from germs and was used for centuries.

And so in the current situation it only makes sense to use smoking specifically for this. In this incense mixture you will find well-known incense substances that have been said to have a germicidal and disinfecting effect: white sage, stone pine resin (which is even taken in Siberian flu infections, but we advise against it), eucalyptus wood, Kenya incense, etc.

Please be careful when smoking. There is also some camphor in this mixture! Camphor is highly effective for eliminating viruses and germs, but you should not inhale the smoke directly and, especially with older people, pregnant women and children, make sure that they are not in the room.

Note on the word "disinfecting".

Of course, we don't want to make any promises with this word, let alone profit from the current crisis. Well the latter is obvious as we sell the smoking blend at almost cost. The raw materials used in the smoking mixture are known for their antibacterial and antiviral effects and it can be assumed that the ingredients that achieve this effect also come into play when smoking. After all, these are essential oils and terpenes that are released by the heat from the plant and released into the room air be submitted.

White sage:

In a 2017 study, white sage was smoked to see if it reduced bacteria and germs in the air. The result showed that 94% of the pathogenic germs were destroyed by smoking. This result lasted for another day.

Stone pine resin:

This precious resin is made into a tincture in Siberia, as folk medicine says that it destroys all bad germs in the body. The smoking of stone pine resin is also a popular way of disinfecting room air in Siberia. The energetic effect of stone pine resin is also not to be despised, because after smoking the room not only feels clean, but also invigorated.


In rosemary, as well as in other mint plants such as sage or thyme, we find a certain tannin: rosmarinic acid. This rosmarinic acid is known for its antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This effect has already been investigated with the essential oil. Since the tannins and essential oils are also released from the plant during smoking, it is obvious that the antiviral and antibacterial effect also comes into play during smoking.

Eucalyptus wood:

Eucalyptus has always been a popular remedy for colds. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect has already been proven several times. Our incense mixture contains eucalyptus wood and leaves.

Palo Santo:

Palo Santo is rightly a popular incense and has meanwhile found its way into many countries around the world. The holy wood is said to drive away evil energies. Anyone who has ever smoked Palo Santo knows the feeling of peace that the smoke leaves behind. The essential oils in wood also have other effects. This includes that the essential oils and terpenes that are dissolved during smoking should also have an antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Kenya frankincense - Boswellia neglecta

Well, there are no studies or studies on this rather unknown frankincense. However, like other types of frankincense, it contains a high proportion of the terpene alpha-pinene. In contrast to frankincense itself, this terpene has been sufficiently researched and its antimicrobial effect is known. The incense is in the mixture because it also connects energetically with the earth and one can also perceive a "liberated" spatial energy after smoking.


Camphor comes from the camphor trees and everyone probably knows the scent. Camphor is the ultimate virus killer and is therefore part of the incense mixture. The effect of camphor is probably enough on its own to reliably destroy microbes, but camphor is very strong and you should be careful with it when smoking. Not only should it not be used on pregnant women, the elderly and children, camphor is also extremely flammable. That's why it is only part of the incense mixture.

  • ❤ pure frankincense in the 1st quality from Puntland - Boswellia Neclecta
  • ❤ direct import, therefore a good price for end customers
  • ❤ Imported by traders / families who respect the trees and do not overharvest
  • ❤ fine earthy aroma with a bit of spiciness and sweetness at the same time

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