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Cavalier Leather - dry leathery | 3ml - 15ml

Kavalier Leather

Fragrance description of Leathery Musk

Kavalier Leather is a combination of musk and aromatic leather notes in the usual premium quality. This fragrance looks untamed animalistic yet elegant, cultured and fresh - a modern classic with a dash of extravagance.

This leathery odor, when you get into a new car, in the shoe store on the new leather shoes shy, or at the Leather jacket in a clothes shop.

There are people who can put themselves in there.

The love of this aroma has motivated us to create a musk fragrance that triggers these "Moment of Happiness".

Bojawood - Leather flavor

Bojawood - also known as false oudh, is an Asian plant from which a leathery-woody scented secretion is extracted. The wood is easy to smoke. The oil is used in fragrance oils and perfumes.

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