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3ml Oudh Oil Vietnam Natural Essence

3ml Agarwood Oil - Oudh

Description: (Aoudh, Agarwood, Eaglewood, Gaharu, Kyara and Jinko)

Vietnam, quality grade B, top quality, high viscosity, hand-made distillation, all-natural with no additives
Gift Box "Premium Perfume Oil" is included

Perfume image: "This noble oil has a deep and mature fragrance spectrum, it is highly concentrated, rich and complex in the fragrance. It smells gracefully sweetish, spicy and wooden. It spreads a sense of well-being. An elegant fragrance with many nuances. Even small amounts are enough for a long-lasting fragrance on the skin or on clothing. "

Classification: Quality Level B is highly concentrated with a very low level of process fluid. The oil is hardly translucent and has an increased viscosity. The elaborately distilled Oudh oil is harvested in Vietnam and processed professionally. It contains no additives and is all natural, without chemical accompanying substances. It is still much higher quality than some competitor products advertised with quality level A.

Application: The agarwood oil is either applied as a monoduft, or processed as a fragrance essence in cosmetic products. Furthermore, this natural oil is suitable for relaxation and aromatherapy.

The pictures are exemplary. It is a natural product, deviations are therefore possible.

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