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Jasmine - "Must have!" | 3ml - 30ml

  • Jasmine - "Must have!" | 3ml - 30ml

Fragrance Jasmine

The jasmine perfume oil

It exudes an incredibly intense fragrance. The scent is exotic, radiant and honey sweet. While the flowery notes predominate, shades can occasionally be found reminiscent of fresh herbs and fruits. The aroma is thus extremely complex and has a high recognition value.

Due to the floral and sweet notes Jasmine is more likely to be associated with the ladies. But as a men's perfume Jasmine is in decent shape used every now and then.

Effect of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine not only smells good, but also affects our psyche. The scent is perceived as very beneficial and helps us to relax. Through its harmonizing, encouraging effect, it plays an important role in classical aromatherapy. An aphrodisiac effect is also attributed to jasmine.

A "must have" in every alibert.

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