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Ethereal Hemp flower Oil (THC free) | 1ml - 3ml

Cannabis Sativa Essential Hemp Blossom Oil, THC Free

Short description cannabis oil

100% all-natural essential hemp flower oil in premium quality without additives. Obtained from the flower portion of female hemp plants. The verified cultivation of the plants and the production of the hemp oil take place professional, legal and in compliance with high quality standards.

Fragrance Description Marijuana Oil

Top Note: Intense scent of ripe cannabis flowers
Heartnote: Citrus, spicy, woody

Cultivation and Harvest of Cannabis Oil

The seeds are carefully selected and sown on nutrient- and oxygen-rich soil with high humus content. The sowing takes place on free and approved fields. Because the female flowers are best for extracting high quality oil, The male plants are destroyed shortly before the flowering phase. To extract the oil, only the upper third of the plant is used used high percentage of flower.

Distillation of female hemp oil

With hot steam, the molecules of the essential oil are dissolved out of the hemp plant. Then the extract is deprived of water and left the golden yellow 100% pure hemp essential oil. It ripens for a few months before being sold. The forbidden part, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is not dissolved in the distillation and remains in the biomass, which is used in conjunction with manure as fertilizer of the fields.

Predominant ingredients of essential hemp flower oil

  • Myrcene (46.4%)
  • Caro phyllen (14.2%)
  • Delta-3-carene (4.52%)
  • Humulene (4.19%)
  • Alpha-pinene (3.26%)
  • (lab report available)

  • Application of hemp oil

    The essential oil is suitable for aromatherapy and can be misted in a diffuser or mixed in cosmetic products. It is also suitable as a fragrance for applying to skin and clothing.

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