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Sandalwood Mysore Grade | 10g - 20g

Sandalwood TOP "Mysore" Grade

Santalum album from Indonesia

Place of origin: Indonesia, hand-scraped heartwood with a lot of carrier oil (Santalol), all-natural without additives

Scent image: "This noble wood has a deep and mature scent spectrum, contains a lot of essential oil (Santalol) and is rich and complex in its fragrance. It smells intense, warm, wooden and balsamic. It spreads a feeling of well-being. Sandalwood is said to have an aphrodisiac effect. An elegant fragrance development with many nuances. Even small amounts are enough for a long-lasting fragrance on the skin, in the room and on clothing. "

Classification: "Mysore" grade, best quality, hand-scraped heartwood with a lot of carrier oil. There are big differences in quality in the sandalwood Santalum album . The highest quality of the Santalum album is the Mysore quality: The sandalwood trees have smaller leaves and grow in particularly dry areas, but are Santalum album. The heartwood of this sandalwood tree has a darker heartwood and an intense, warm fragrance. The rumor that this particular sandalwood is only found in India is widespread but false. There has been virtually no sandalwood in India for about 7 years. Only the name Mysore as a quality label remains. The lavishly harvested wood is produced under humane working conditions and reasonable wages .

Application: The sandalwood is smoked either on charcoal or in an incense burner.

The pictures are exemplary. It is a natural product, deviations are therefore possible.

More about sandalwood

The world of sandalwood is even more complicated than, for example, frankincense, as there are many different qualities. White sandalwood is known to many people, but "white" sandalwood is rather useless and a "waste product". A sandalwood tree develops (depending on its location, sun, earth, etc.) after about 5 years from the roots a heartwood that gradually grows upwards. Until then, the tree consisted only of white wood (Santalum album), but the change in the root causes so-called heartwood to form in the tree. Only this heartwood contains essential oils and the popular santalol, which is used in the cosmetics, medicine and perfume industries. The older the heartwood, the richer it is in essential oils. The actual "white" sandalwood is scraped off as it is useless. You also want to get the valuable heartwood.

Effect of sandalwood

  • A 2004 study looked at how sandalwood affects healthy people. It emerged that the subjects in the study felt more physically relaxed, as well as more mentally stimulated and more attentive. It has also been shown that sandalwood oil lowers blood pressure and thus the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • According to a 2017 study, sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties. You can also see a positive influence on the skin and various skin diseases such as acne. For the healing effect, however, higher concentrations are necessary than those found in commercially available cosmetic products.
  • Furthermore, sandalwood is said to have a balancing effect on our hormonal balance. That is why it is often used for menstrual cramps or menstrual cramps. It should also have an antispasmodic effect.
  • In many Asian countries, sandalwood is used to treat diseases of the mucous membrane. The wood should have an expectorant effect.
  • Especially in India, sandalwood is a powerful aphrodisiac. It is even said to help with psychologically-related libido and erection problems.
  • In aromatherapy, sandalwood oil is mainly used for relaxation. It is also used to loosen internal blockages. Because it should have a clearing effect on the mind, it is also often used in meditation.

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