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Red Saffron with Ambra | 3ml - 30ml

Red saffron

A matching fragrance image,

with depth

The considerable number of high quality ingredients give this perfume its unique nature. Its uniqueness makes it difficult to find words to describe it. The scent is more masculine, halal and does not contain alcohol. A pleasant mix of tart and softer ingredients creates an interesting and unique fragrance. In the top note, the red saffron trusts in a distinctive note of black pepper, which is aptly complemented by nutmeg and aldehydes. The floral note provides a pleasant veil of fruit, before the main game determines and moves markedly to the center. Here we meet a pair of rose and spice nuances. Consistent resonating presents the base note with spicy red Saffron and a shot of Amber to round off the fragrance warm.

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Danial 25/07/2020

A unique scent unlike any other i have ever experience before. This is something very different and amazing. Saffron smells exactly like the best saffron you have ever smelled. Its thick and luxurious. It is a warm scent with beautiful texture.

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