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100g Quist al Hindi - Indian Costus Powder

Quist al Hindi - Indian costus root

Properties of Costus Root Powder

Super fresh, vegan, 100% natural, GEN free, Halal

For making nasal drops or for oral use

Product description
The Indian costus root (Saussurea costus) is a medicinal root that grows at over 2500 meters in the area between India, across the Himalayas, to China. The Indian Costus powder is suitable for a variety of diseases and can be used orally or through the nose as nasal drops. The Indian costus is particularly popular in the Ruqya treatment, as it is used, among other things, as a punishment for the jinn or helps with the treatment of eaten Sihr.

The Indian costume root contains natural active ingredients that are beneficial to health:
Strengthens the immune system
Treatment of sinuses and allergic rhinitis
Laxative joints for the affected areas
Useful for decolonization and congestion problems
Treatment of anemia and kidney disease
Useful in pharyngitis
Useful for skin problems
Helps the body lose weight
Thyroid Problems
Burn care and sterile for wounds

Indian costume from Koran and Sunnah

Al-Tirmidhi رحمه الله narrates a Marfu'Hadith from Ibn Abbas radiAllahu anhu: "The best thing that can be used for medical treatment is nose drops."

Abu Bakr ibn Arabi رحمه الله said, “There are two types of costus: Indian costus (which is black) and sea costus (which is white). The Indian version is hotter (hotter) and that's where we focus, because this shape annoys the jinn. "

Al-Hafiz ibn Hajar رحمه الله said of the words: "There is cure for seven diseases in it." Ibn Hajar رحمه الله said: “It may be that the seven relate to the different medical treatments of Costus, because it is used as an ointment, as a drink, as a compress, as a hot compress, as incense, as a nose drop or as a Ludud (medicine that is consumed in the corner of the mouth). "

Al-Bukhari رحمه الله named one of his chapters in his Sahih "Chapter on using nose drops from Indian Costus."

Ibn Hajar رحمه الله wrote: “Mix the powder with olive oil so that they can reach the brain; and whatever illness is present should be driven away by sneezing. " (Fath al-Baari, Kitab al-Tibb)

Ibn Hajjar describes the dosage form lying on the back. “Do not torment your children by squeezing their tonsils as a remedy for tonsillitis; instead you should use Costus. "

It is narrated in the Sahihain that the Prophet SallAllahu alaihi wa Sallam said: “Among the best of your healing remedies are the Hijamah and Quist Al-Bahri and do not torment your boys by squeezing their uvula to stop their tonsillitis heal." (Muslim 5726)

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