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Al Bakhoor - Incense and Jasmine | 3ml - 15ml

Al Bakhoor made in Mecca

Citrus, maritime scent for women and men

This fragrance was made from rare and noble ingredients. It is aimed at perfume lovers, the fans of the connection Western and Oriental elements are.

Al Bakhoor offers an incredibly pleasant fragrance that is both casual and refined at the same time. He brings a sheer unimaginable fragrance experience that always provides interest and excitement even for the most demanding perfume connoisseurs. With its sparkling spicy opening, with the fruity freshness of flowery seduction in the heart and with its pompous finish Al Bakhoor once again a scent in the portfolio of musk24, which you should not leave unnoticed.

Sicilian lemon

Al Bakhoor opens his mind to the chords of Sicilian lemons accompanied by blackcurrants and spicy notes. In the heart of the fragrance you can smell aquatic jasmine and patchouli leaves, while the fragrance base consists of woody nuances, leather and oakmoss.


The overall aroma that links the dominant woody elements to fruity and citrus aspects and incense, is very versatile, delicious, spicy, tempting, fresh and refined.

Al Bakhoor appreciate women and men who like universal, citrus-based aromatic fragrances especially if they are enriched with clear wood and fruit nuances and do not contain alcohol.

The fragrance composition wins everyone for himself, recognizing the true quality and being approached by concepts, where the modern Western style is combined with the best traditions of the Orient. Al Bakhoor is suitable for year-round wear during the day or even in the evening. This fragrance is able to give its wearer a sense of To convey exceptionality and help him stand out from the crowd unobtrusively.

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